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Moderated library of unpublished works addressed to qualified readers and traditional publishers[edit | edit source]

“Biblioteca ideale” is a moderated library of unpublished works addressed to individual and qualified readers, where "moderated" means that, as for any publishing house, only selected works are made available to readers, and "individual and qualified readers" means that published works, except their presentation which is fully available (as such), are accessible only to readers that are either known and invited to access the contents by the authors themselves, or, where allowed by the author, to readers accessing the contents through a dedicated app using their official digital certificate.

All readers are required to explicitly or implicitly sign (where this is performed through the dedicated app) a non disclosure agreement in order to prevent or to limit that contents are deliberately disseminated to third parties infringing the licence by which they are published, and on the other side the app which allows the full access to contents is designed in such a way to prevent or limit the accidental disclosure or loss of data, namely using a vault folder based on RSA encryption.

Given such premises (the works published on “Biblioteca ideale” are not addressed to an indistinct audience, but to readers who entertain some tie with their authors, therefore affecting the creative process itself) contents are accessible either for free or, at the sole discretion of the author, through a fee, of which the author receives the 90% (net of the transfer fee) and “Biblioteca ideale” the 10%, to cover the costs of hosting, continuous development, and managing of the platform.

Authors can therefore use “Biblioteca ideale” to disseminate their contents in an optimal way (“Biblioteca ideale”, being based on Mediawiki, organizes the contents through semantic data, which maximizes their accessibility and interoperability) and traditional publishers on their side can, and are encouraged to browse the contents on the platform (which have already undergone a first selection process) and possibly to offer a conventional publishing to the authors they deem deserving, if they also welcome this option.

To whom is addressed this website ?
To authors of significant, literary contents who want to publish their pieces through state-of-the-art tools, and of course to their readers.
Are the contents freely accessible?
That depends by the author, but usually the author publishes an abstract, a preamble or an excerpt of their content, and the complete work can be accessed using a specific application.
What is the difference between this website and the countless publishing sites and platforms ?
Well, each publisher differs from the other, or they should be, inasmuch as the contents they propose, and the terms or licence through which readers can access them, reflect a specific conception of literature and the way to access it. Bibliotecaideale generally publishes contents which cannot be reduced to mannerism of some sort, but completely represents and replaces the author, "without any missing part". With regard of dissemination of the creative and literary work, Bibliotecaideale does not publish contents to an indistinct public, but to individual readers. In order to achieve this, readers are required to download a dedicated app, and to access the contents using their digital certificate, independently whether they are free or paid, so that authors know their pool of readers, and readers becomes, in some way, "qualified readers", cooperating with the artistic process.
Latest contents
Latest contents

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